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360 Cash Review

360 Cash is one of the latest online banking services available to UK consumers. The site allows users to make deposits and transfers from their UK account to accounts in the US and Canada, providing a hassle-free means of managing money. The company has teamed up with leading online shopping portals to enable fast and convenient online banking with its unique 360 Cash offers.

Customers have the option of accessing multiple accounts through this service, making it ideal for those who travel or are involved in international business. They can view their balance, transactions, interest rates, payables, reserves and savings accounts in the comfort of their own homes and compare prices and fees for each deal they like. Online availability of deals will help customers make informed decisions about which deals to apply for.

Online application and enrollment are quick and easy. Customers need only to enter basic personal and financial information to complete the process. The process takes just two minutes, after which the customer is automatically enrolled on the bank's website. The same step is taken for payment, and customers are able to make purchases from the site by clicking on the relevant links provided within the offers. Payments can be carried out through credit cards, electronic cheques and cash payments.

360 Cash offers customers a number of options when it comes to transferring money to their US or Canadian accounts. For users in the UK, this can be done through Direct Bank which is one of the largest and most trusted banks in the country. Other options include online transfers from UK residents' bank accounts to the new account. A maximum of three offers can be made, and these include introductory offers, balance transfers and new account specials. The same holds true for those in the US, who can benefit from online transfers between their accounts in the United Kingdom and US, or between their accounts in the UK and Canada.

To take advantage of the special offers on 360 Cash, customers simply need to open a new savings account with the company online. Opening a savings account is free in the United Kingdom, and costs nothing in the US. Customers need to provide the social security number of the applicant, date of birth and address, and a job reference number in order to proceed with the online application.

Once the application has been submitted, the customer will need to confirm their details via the Internet and submit their bank account information. 360 Cash will then debit their savings account and transfer the funds to the customer's chosen bank account in a matter of hours. This convenient online process makes it easy for both consumers and employers to manage their financial resources securely online. The ease and convenience provided by 360 Cash make it a useful tool for both saving and spending power.

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