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Aps Like Dave - Simple and Safe

What are APS like Dave? The short answer: Autonomic Positioning and Proximity Sensors. The long answer: These two technologies allow your system to respond to a wide variety of inputs like heart rate, stride length and even grip. They give you more control over how you run and walk, and the control means you can get back in shape faster.

Dave, the company founder, was working in high-risk environments for several years. He found himself getting tired and frustrated because he wasn't getting the training he needed to stay on his toes. His running had always been good, but he was surprised that despite his good work ethic he still wasn't meeting the preset performance goals. So he began searching for an alternative. His first thought was running barefoot - something that no one else in his profession did.

Barefoot running has its own challenges, but Dave was intrigued by it. He wanted to experience what it was like to run without any APS, just to see how it would feel. His first impulse was to have a chiropractor put some sort of patch on his foot, but that was way too expensive. Instead, he took a risk and tried a non-surgical control device made by a company called Human Solutions.

The team created a new, minimally invasive way to monitor and manage people's bodies. It took a while for them to get right, but once they did, Aps became easier to use. They designed Aps like Dave with your health and safety in mind. They wanted to make it so comfortable that Dave could easily continue his fitness program without any worry. They wanted him to feel confident in the units he was running in his own home.

One of the features of Aps like Dave is it's built in pedometer. This device records how many miles you've covered during a run, day or night and sends it to a computer. It will then give you a total number. The Aps system also offers other health tracking functions like a stopwatch, a calorie estimator, and a heart rate monitor.

Aps like Dave is durable and lightweight. It can be worn on your foot or taken in the pocket. It's completely wireless so there is no need to worry about wires or plugs. You can even use it on open water if you want.

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